Accepted to the Abreu Fellowship at New England Conservatory!!

Back in February, I stumbled upon a YouTube video, that has changed my life! It was a video of the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra playing Bernstein’s Mambo. I was so moved by the exuberance of the performance, and dug deeper down into the interwebs to learn more about El Sistema, Venezuela’s national system of music education that was producing masterful players and changing lives.
That lead me to the Abreu Fellowship at New England Conservatory, a one year training program for young musicians to learn about El Sistema and to launch a music for social change program in the United States. I am thrilled to announce that I have been accepted into the 3rd class of the Abreu Fellows program!
I am thrilled to join the ranks of other civically minded artists, inspiring social change in their communities. The centerpiece of the Fellowship is an extended tour of Venezuela to learn from the original and and an extensive U.S. Internship to learn from organizations successfully translating the work here at home.

This video provides a little history of the Fellowship, which was launched at the visionary founder, Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu’s wish.


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