Music In Charter Schools Festival

I am the Artistic Director of the 3rd Annual Music in Charter Schools Festival (MICS) presented by American Paradigm Schools. MICS  is a lively and dynamic festival that promotes the advancement of music in charter schools across the entire city of Philadelphia. Students participating in the orchestra, concert band and choir attend sectional and full rehearsals with the end result of American Paradigm Schools’ MICS program yielding an impressive two-day festival that showcases the musical talent and abilities of the participating charter school students. During the festival students can experience a different side of music in workshops lead by performing musicians.

MICS offers three ensemble options:

  • Band-Guest Conductor: Avi Mehta
  • Chorus: Guest Conductors: Aisha Bowden & Alysia Lee
  • Orchestra: Jose Luis Hernandez Estrada

MICS also maintains distinction by holding workshops led by professional musicians for participants. This year our Teaching Artist staff is comprised of Opus Nine Ensemble musicians and NEC Abreu Fellows.

Each year the Festival has doubled in size-from 75 to 150-and this year to 300 students from 11 charter schools!!

Join us on Friday, December 16th at 6pm for the Finale Concert!!! Tickets $5

All activities take place at First Philadelphia Prep.


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