Announcing Sister Cities Girlchoir!!

The Abreu Fellowship at NEC is a tremendous opportunity. I have learned so much this semester about enacting El Sistema work tailored to communities. Music has opened so many doors for me and now it is time for me to give back!
I am ecstatic to announce Sister Cities Girlchoir (SCG), an El Sistema-inspired music for social change initiative targeting girls in Camden, NJ and Philadelphia, PA.  Sister Cities Girlchoir provides a safe space for girls to build resilience and connection, strengthen academic skills and develop healthy habits while engaging in a world-class choir education.
Singing for Social Change
Choral singing is valued as a low-cost, high-outcome form of social development. Choirs are an ideal model for building connection and resilience while enhancing academic skills in children. Singers strive together for a positive outcome, meanwhile the individual serves the collective.
Music study is a proven means for social change, a learning tool, and a source of immeasurable joy. Over a million Venezuelan children are carving their way to a better life through El Sistema, the country’s national system of music ensembles. El Sistema is now internationally celebrated as the world’s most extraordinary musical success story and the inspiration point for Sister Cities Girlchoir (SCG), founded by Alysia Lee, an El Sistema-trained leader.
Please feel free to contact me about any element of this unique opportunity for the girls of Camden and Philadelphia.

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