New research on Non-Cognitive Skills

SCG Teaching Artist, John G shared this podcast with us the latest research on the importance of non-cognitive skills like impulse control, resilience, and teamwork for students.

This American Life host, Ira Glass talks with Paul Tough, author of the new book How Children Succeed, about the growing body of research that suggests we may be on the verge of a new approach to some of the biggest challenges facing American schools today. Paul Tough discusses how “non-cognitive skills” — qualities like tenacity, resilience, impulse control — are being viewed as increasingly vital in education, and Ira speaks with economist James Heckman, who’s been at the center of this research and this shift.

Ensemble musical study is a tool for building many critical “non-cognitive skills” in children and youth. SCG programming is research-based to build resilience, inhibitory control, mental flexibility, working memory, teamwork, compassion and leadership. These skills are transferable to the classroom, the playground, home life and anywhere in between.

Check out the podcast here!

Thanks for sharing John!


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