Astral Artists Inspire


Coro West Philly @ Harrity Elementary traveled from 56th Street to Rittenhouse Square for a unique performance by Astral Artists.

The concert featured three premiere performances of commissioned works that were inspired by the African American Spiritual. Since SCG sings several Spirituals, this concert was sure to resound with the Girls.

The Girls were tasked with keeping a running tally throughout the program of recognizable melodies. After the concert, most Girls reported back 3 to 4 tunes. Two Girls were particularly inspired by the flutist’s passionate playing. One was inspired by renowned mezzo-soprano, Marietta Simpson’s “velvety voice.” And one remarked that the concert “filled my head with all types of images and pictures and let her imagination go wild!”

Thank you to Astral Artists for providing complimentary tickets to the Girlchoir following your Outreach concert at MUSIC Fest 2012. The Girls were definitely inspired by the Spiritual!!


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