Sweet Honey in the Rock

Thanks to Carol Frazier and the Program Department at the Kimmel Center, tonight Coro West Philly @Mastery: Harrity Elementary School journeyed to Broad Street to the Merriam Theater for an unforgettable performance by Sweet Honey in the Rock. The legendary songstresses presented a vibrant program honoring Odetta and Nina Simone.

To prepare the Girls for the performance, we discussed how music can fuel movements and inspire generations and what makes an icon. We talked about how the women of SHIR found inspiration in the haunting melodies and deep messages of the honorees music and asked the Girls to think of their own musical influences.

When we arrived at the Merriam, the electricity of the audience was palpable. The Girls were spellbound from the first song and thrilled when Sweet Honey invited everyone to rise to their feet and dance and sing along.

What an unforgettable night! I remember seeing Sweet Honey at the Meyerhoff Theater in Baltimore as a young girl. I will never forget my awe– I was overwhelmed at witnessing such a
magnificent and soul stirring performance. I have no doubt that our Girls will remember tonight for years to come.


Thank you again to Carol Frazier and the Kimmel Center Program Department for providing tickets to this amazing concert at the Merriam Theater!



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