Arbonne Foundation Donation Helps SCG Girls See Their Beauty-Inside and Out!

by Anne Dugan, SCG Teaching Artist

Our middle school girlchoir girls are getting to “that age” which; among other things, means they really need to start paying attention to their personal care habits. One of those habits is caring for their skin. Luckily, we had a super treat in store for them this super Saturday…Facials! Over 100 of our girls circulated through our Facials session where we used Swiss Skin care products generously donated by the Arbonne International Foundation (we received a grant of $13,000 of products for our girls!) and learned how to nourish our skin. After getting cleansed, using sea mud masques (we had a lot of green faces!) and moisturizing we spent some time talking about the power of nourishing our insides…our heart and minds, by using powerful affirmations on a daily basis. Ms. Anne asked the girls to promise that after they washed and moisturized for a few minutes with their new products everyday they would then take an even more valuable minute to say the following while looking in the mirror:

” I am beautiful, I am unique, I have a gift to give the world, there is no one like me, I own my power, I am a peacemaker, I am worth it, I am kind, I am a light in the world and I shine my light so bright!”

There is something so moving and powerful about listening to a room full of our choir girls as they make these declarations. We need to instill a sense of belief and self-love into young girls so they can take that power and go out into their communities and contribute in increasingly positive and inspirational, life-changing ways. Some clean, healthy skin…and, even more importantly, confident, loving minds can certainly do that!



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