SCG Teaching Artist Reflects on 2nd Annual Martin Luther King Sing for Peace Tour

by SCG Teaching Artist Kendra Balmer
Most American youth recognize the magnificence of Martin Luther King Jr. by spending their Monday in January at home. This year Sister Cities Girlchoir embarked on a singing adventure unprecedented in its style. Instead of singing in their respective schools or neighborhoods, the girls ignited their message of peace in song throughout varied venues in the city of Philadelphia. The girls sang of Martin Luther King as “a hero and a dreamer, a man of peace, a man of hope” with the intent to “let freedom ring”.
There is nothing quite like a community made up of various walks of life taking a moment to heed the words of children. As adults it’s easy to forget that alongside the lack of experience in youth lives vibrant morals and at times surprising lessons. The girls sang “we are here for all of us.” They looked into the eyes of strangers and somehow told them what they all needed to hear. Girls from West Philadelphia stood united with girls from Camden and North Philadelphia in peace. They truly represented Martin Luther King Jr’s dream, and set a strong example for the community they serve.

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