Temple Women’s Choir Visits SGA!

14681666_1269208963135307_3918110794431559913_n-1On Saturday, October 22nd Temple University’s Women Choir descended on our Saturday Girlchoir Academy. Under the leadership of Professor Christine Bass, the choir rehearsed Andrea Ramsey’s Letter from a Girl to the World. Ramsey describes the piece below:

The girls (seventh and eighth graders) in the choir, responded anonymously to writing prompts and from their writings, the text was created for this work. The work proved to be an incredibly bonding experience for all of us, and a great leveler, in terms of girls realizing that other girls in the choir room, those who were different, and those who were popular and seemed to have it all, struggled with the same insecurities of hoping to be good enough, pretty enough, and worrying about the opinions of others as everyone else.

The piece will close out the Wednesday, November 16th concert at the Temple Performing Arts Center.


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