Singer Spotlight: Karina

“I am strong powerful and unique….I am a Sister Cities Girl!”


Meet Karina
Karina has been a choir member since 2013

When did you first join Sister Cities?
I first joined SCG when I was in 7th grade, which was about 4 years ago.

What do you like about being a purple girl?
I like the fact that I never have to hid my true self. I like the fact that I’m always meeting new people!

What is a memorable experience that you’ve had as part of SCG?
My best memories are when I have met someone who is just like how I used to be and I break through to them. When I help them open up.

What have you learned from being a part of SCG?
I have learned that no matter what everyone is beautiful in their own way.  I learned that following society is lame. I learned to always have self-confidence. Being in SCG brings out the best in me!

Who is your favorite singer/band?
Alessia Cara and Ed Sheeren

**Karina will be excited! And so will you- we are singing an Alessia Cara song this season entitled “Scars to your Beautiful”. Join us at our WINTER CONCERT ON 12/10, 2pm to hear Karina and her Purple Sisters sing for us!! 




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