Lyrics to Ramsey’s “Letter from a Girl to the World”

72630_212228155587610_2054405140_nIn my heart, there are hopes and dreams, and all different beautiful things. In my heart, there’s a sunrise glowing and a warmth that holds me there. And I think of God’s beauty in the world all around, in the clouds that roll across the sky, in the clean smell of the rain and the colors of the fall, and it makes me happy and I wish that others saw it too.

If you love your children, are you sure they know? Have you said the words out loud? We want to hear them! Are you listening with your heart when they’re sharing theirs? Have you given us a chance to make you proud?

Do you know who I am? Do you really know?
‘Cause you can’t tell by looking at me that underneath all this happiness inside there’s a part of me nobody sees.
I wonder who I am. Who am I?
I wonder who I’ll be. Who will I be?
What will my life become?

There are just so many questions inside me.

Am I good enough? Am I pretty enough?
Can I learn not to care what others think?
Can I make a difference in someone else’s life, and Can others see God’s love in me?


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