Meet a Girl!: Nurretta, 5th Year

“I am strong powerful and unique….I am a Sister Cities Girl!”
Meet Nurretta! 

Nurretta has been a choir member since 2012 and currently sings with Travel Choir as an Alto. She is an important and powerful part of our community!


When did you first join Sister Cities?
I joined Sister Cities in 2012.

What do you like about being a purple girl?
I like that being a purple girl means that you’re automatically in a loving family.

What is a memorable experience that you’ve had as part of SCG?
On memorable experience is our tour to Washington , D.C. and Baltimore, MD. This trip was an opportunity to bond with the girls and sing for others.

What have you learned from being a part of SCG?
Being in SCG has taught me to be more confident in ME and my singing voice.

Who is your favorite singer/band?
One of my favorite singers is Rihanna and one of my favorite bands is Maroon 5! 






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