Saturday Girlchoir Academy sings at Temple University

Sitting in the darkened theater watching from above while Temple choirs fill the stage and our ears with beautiful music. The power of the voice. Twenty-six of our Saturday Academy singers brought their voices to this concert last week on the campus of Temple University.



Girlchoir conductor Kendra Balmer is a Masters in Conducting student at Temple and our connection to the concert happening. Both the Travel choir and the Brilliant Blues learned “A Letter from a Girl to the World” by Andrea Ramsey. This piece, accompanied only by drum is; in melody and language,  a peak into the heart of a young girl-

“Am I good enough?, Am I pretty enough? Can I learn not to care what others think?” floats out over the audience in three-part harmony.

The conclusion of the piece found 8 of our singers along with women from the Temple Women’s Chorus we performed with sharing their thoughts, things they wanted to say to the world.-

“I am strong powerful and unique, my voice matters” ~”I want people to see me for who I am, not for who they want me to be” ~ “I want to share what I know with children” – and while they spoke the audience shouted, snapped and clapped support for these powerful girls!

The song was the 3rd to last piece on a concert of 5 needless to say, there was a lot of waiting, sneaking backstage and sitting quietly in the audience before taking the stage. And our girls were total professionals! What a magical night for all of us!


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