SCG Teaching Artist profile: Meet Ms. Megan!


When did you become a musician and why do you love it?

I became a musician in 7th grade when I joined choir! I love it because music communicates fun ideas much more effectively than words.

 What kinds of performing and teaching do you do currently?

Currently, I perform in the top choir and a chamber ensemble at Temple University. In the fall, I gave an extra curricular recital with solo vocal music from all ages. I teach private voice lessons at the Institute of Puerto Rican Music and lead the Regal Reds on Saturdays!

Who is one of your biggest musical influences?

 One of my biggest musical influences was my voice teacher in high school, Mrs. Whitney. She taught me about vocal health and how to truly express myself! Because of her, I believe every person has a beautiful voice to share with the world. Another is my composition teacher, Melissa Dunphy. She has taught me about attention to detail and how much power a composer has in the music world.

 Why do you love working with SCG?

I love working with SCG because I feel ultimately present when sharing songs with my students. Music is the best way to connect with people, and my students are full of musical surprises! Also, the amount of girl power I feel each weekend creates a revolutionary sensation within. Who rules the world?

What’s something interesting we should know about you?

Something you should know about me: I am addicted to NATURE! I lived in New Hampshire for seven years before I moved to Philadelphia, and I miss the trees! Nothing is more fun than singing at the top of a mountain, on the beach before the waves, or while going for a walk in the woods.


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