We’re just girls…singing for PEACE!!

This year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 16, 2017 60 of our powerful girls took to Philadelphia with our message of unity and peace. Singing songs like: We Shall Overcome, Glory, We are Here and Sing Freedom!

Over the course of the day the singers from our programs in Philadelphia and Camden, NJ visited the African American Museum of Philadelphia, The National Constitution Center, The National Museum of Jewish American History and the William Way Center. 

There was laughter, sharing, marching, holding hands and at the end a great big circle of girls cheering and smiling. Success!


Check out what some of our partners in the community had to say:

“The visitors and staff of NMAJH were honored to be entertained by the Sister Cities Girls Choir.  The selections were meaningful and relevant for MLK Day and our current environment.  A high percentage of our visitors listed the choir as their favorite event during the visit.”

~ Vera Da Vinci
Outreach Manager & Administrator, Education
National Museum of American Jewish History

“Having Sister Cities Girl Choir sing at MLK Day of Service at William Way is such an amazing experience for our day of service attendees. The MLK Day at William Way brings such a diverse audience of people from the greater Philadelphia region, many who have not had the pleasure of hearing the angelic voices of this group of enthusiastic young ladies who are of color. The Sister Cities Girl Choir bring  so much spirit and meaning to our event and we will continue to promote and support these beautiful young ladies in any way we can.”

~Sharron Cooks
William Way LGBT Community Center

AND.. a HUGE thanks to our volunteers who came out to travel with us and help get the girls some FUEL at lunchtime! We can’t do it without our PURPLE COMMUNITY!



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