We are family…meet Ms. Anne!

Ms. Anne has been with Sister Cities since our 2013 season and conducts the choirs in Camden and the Travel choir on Saturday. 

When did you become a musician and why do you love it?  I have been a musician all my life. As one of 10 children we all sang and played instruments, both at home and in school. As kids we always had a Christmas Eve talent show and we did a lot more music making than TV watching..maybe that makes me sound old, but I loved it!! I love the way music is universal and touches a part of someone that no words, pictures, tv shows or books can do. I believe it’s the ultimate form of communication and healing.

What kinds of performing and teaching do you do currently? In addition to teaching with Sister Cities (which rocks!) I am a private voice teacher and sing professionally as a soloist with choirs, a recitalist and I also sing concerts and church music. This year I also started singing in a Symphonic Choir with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Who is one of your biggest musical influences?
 I can think of 3 actually! First- my Dad, who plays the accordion. My earliest memories of music are dancing around the living room while he played and sang. Also, I had 2 really passionate and creative music teachers in middle and high school who were examples of great teaching and believed in me both as a performer and a teacher. I am forever grateful for them!

What’s something interesting we should know about you? Even though they sing, I am afraid of birds!!


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