KIDS at the OPERA!


Last Wednesday, February 8th our Catholic Partnership School Choir had the opportunity to visit Opera Philadelphia at the Academy of Music and be a part of the audience (along with 1,800 other students!!) for the final dress rehearsal of Tancredi- by Rossini.

As you can see from their pictures, this was a fun and exciting experience for our singers and one they won’t soon forget! Tancredi is a 3 hour opera that involves that typical love triangles, disguised characters and singers giving us their most exquisite singing. Featured in the role of Tancredi was Stephanie Blythe, and international Opera Star and fabulous Mezzo. Blythe sang this “pants role” (a female Mezzo playing a male character) with power and beauty. And, she did so well that until intermission our singers didn’t even realize she wasn’t a man!

img_3903                                                                        img_3893

Yes, there was a little napping taking place..but also, smiles, conducting, and jaw-dropping. Our singers were incredible audience members and we’re so proud of all of them.

We are also grateful to Opera Philadelphia and their funders who made it possible for these students (none of whom had ever seen an opera- even on PBS) to have this exposure and experience!



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