Meet Ms. Evvy!


When did you become a musician and how did you know you loved music? I ALWAYS knew that I loved music not just to sing but music as a whole when I was very very young.  Story has that at around ages 1 and 2 I sang my first song silly by Denise Williams but up to this point had never spoken a full sentence. So I sang before I talked and to this day I don’t love music any less.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences? My biggest influence when I was young was my uncle Phillip.  He had a group at the time called The Crowns of Glory and they could really sing. I also am very influenced by many Gospel legends such as Mahalia Jackson, The Caravans, Kitty Parham, Mattie moss Clark… I could go on and on. As a teenager I got the opportunity to travel as a background vocalist with a lot of RnB Greats, as well as local bands as a lead and background vocalist.

Why do you love teaching so much? Teaching has always been a secret passion of mine but I happened to be pretty good at it and I began to love it. I get a thrill from giving someone the great power of knowledge. There is nothing more satisfying than empowering another person. I started teaching choirs and arranging music at around age 12 and have been ever since. I have worked with the Pennsylvania State Mass Choir for the Church of God in Christ. Currently I am a teaching Artist for SCG and I work with the Salvation Army Learning Zone choir. I perform still periodically around the city at venues such as R and B live Philadelphia and small venues around and just outside Philadelphia, but continue to love to teach.

Why do you love working with SCG? SCG is my absolute favorite job ever.  I get to do everything that makes me feel like me all at once. I get to sing, teach, laugh and empower young people. There is no place I would rather be.
What is something interesting we should know about you? Outside of music I am a registered medical assistant. I also work as a cook when I’m not teaching choir. I’m a math tutor and I love mike & ikes candy. Purple is my favorite color.


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