About El Sistema!

El Sistema is an organization based in Venezuela that strives to bring the inspiring power of music to the lives of many kids. With locations in the U.S., El Sistema’s approach to music is based around ensemble work with children, as early as age 2. Not only is El Sistema’s mission music based, but it also centers around social change.


El Sistema has inspired Sister Cities Girlchoir in many ways. When SCG Founder, Alysia Lee first saw an El Sistema concert, she was absolutely blown away by the talent, sophistication, and grace of these young musicians. Much of Sister Cities growth was inspired by El Sistema’s goal of positive change.

IMG_2277.JPG             IMG_2276.JPG

We are thankful for their contribution to enriching the lives and futures of our children through the understanding and performance of music. El Sistema has helped many of our girls to give focus and passion to their music making and appreciate the impact music has on their lives. Our community at SCG is based on the understanding that it takes a village to make music. We are so grateful to share these ideals with El Sistema.


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