Sister Cities takes VEGAS!!

You read that right! On April 20th our very own Travel Choir singer, Jaden Gant took the stage in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand to represent Sister Cities! Jaden brought grace, poise and some killer vocals to the song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles in front of some 4,000 Vice Presidents at the Arbonne International Global Training Conference. In addition to singing, she also took the stage 2 more times that weekend (in front of 18,000 conference attendees!!) to share her story and talk about how Sister Cities has helped her grow.


IMG_4523 (1)                                                       IMG_4533

The Arbonne Charitable Foundation made this experience possible. The Foundation, which is supported by Arbonne Independent consultants, works to support programs with focus on empowering and educating teens. Sister Cities is an ideal match for this mission. For the last 3 years out partnership with them as been in the form of monetary and product grants that have supported some of our programs and given our girls exposure to the Beauty and Wellness products Arbonne makes.Jaden was invited to attend and perform and along with her mom, Terneria, was flown out to Vegas and treated like a queen diva the whole weekend! Her performance was beautiful and when she shared her story on stage, Ms. Anne, Ms. Alysia, Ms. Terneria and Ms. Cruise our Board President who also attended the event, were SO proud of her!!
What an amazing experience for Jaden and incredible exposure for Sister Cities!




One comment

  1. What a transformative experience for Jaden. So proud of her and you!!

    Harriet Young 609-220-7147 Sent from my iPhone


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