CPS choir has DREAMS!

“I can’t wait for Dreams, it’s so much fun”

“It’s my favorite part of the year!” –

These statements were made back in October when our CPS choir started rehearsals. And the students were talking about an event that happens every year in MAY! Talk about an event to look forward to and prepare for!

CPS 3 2017

Catholic Partnership Schools in Camden, NJ has been a school choir partner of Sister Cities for the last 2 years. And, it has been an incredibly powerful partnership. The choir is composed of students from the 5 CPS schools and has a tradition of coming together to rehearse and perform at their annual “Dreams of our Children” event, held each spring at Rutgers University. In past years this was the choirs only performance, but for the last 2, we’ve had the opportunity to add at least 5 more performances to the CPS choir calendar. We’ve had a busy and exciting year showcasing these terrific singers, their voices and the passion.

Dreams is a celebration of arts, music, and partnerships and 2017 marks year 7 for this exciting event.  Each year, there are more than 200 students participating (this year was about 225) and about 500 people in attendance.There have some set pieces each year: Choir (partnered with Sister Cities and for a few songs with Greater SJ Chorus), orchestra, advanced band, and strings (all partnered with Symphony in C), plus two awards, the excellence and leadership award and the courage, compassion and confidence award.  Each of the five schools also does a performance piece.   Three of the schools work with teaching artists from Perkins Center for the Arts and two create their own performances. St. Anthony school performed a Shakespeare scene, in costume and with instruments as well! In addition there is a visual arts presentation that’s projected onto the big screen in the theater.

CPS 2 2017

The CPS choir sang with energy and pride on May 12th for this 7th annual Dreams. And we couldn’t be more proud of them!


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