Meet a new member of our family..Ms. Casie!

 When did you become a musician and why do you love it?
I “became” a musician when I was in fourth grade, after I joined a group in Albany, NY called the Capital District Youth Chorale. It was, and still is the premiere children’s choir in Upstate New York, and is the reason for my love of choral music and choral communities. I love music because it instantly connects people regardless of background. Music also helps carry people out of dark places and uplifts them.
What kinds of performing and teaching do you do currently?
I perform in musicals, theatre, film, operas, oratorio, etc. My most recent shows were Camelot at the Broadway Theatre of Pitman and Così fan tutte at an opera festival in Tuscany, Italy. In addition to performing, I teach voice and acting at the Betsy Daily School of Performing Arts, voice and musical theatre at Bright Lights Music Academy, and my private studio out of my house in Philadelphia.
Who is one of your biggest musical influences?
My number one musical influence must be Audra McDonald. Not only is she incredibly intelligent and talented, but she is a class act, and a genuinely kind person. My biggest choral musical influence is my former mentor, family-friend, and conductor in Albany, Dr. David Griggs-Janower who is one of the reasons I majored in music in college, and why I want to be a conductor.
Why do you love working with SCG?
I worked with SCG when they came to sing with Temple Women’s Choir and after that I just KNEW I had to work with them all the time. There is nothing more powerful than making music and building community with strong, motivated females, and I love that I get to do so with the next generation of music-makers.
What’s something interesting we should know about you?
A non-musical, interesting fact about me is that I was a competitive gymnast for most of my life, even into college for a little bit. I actually learned a lot of skills in gymnastics that carry over into music and singing, and try to apply those every day!

            Welcome to the Sister Cities Family, Ms. Casie!


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