Meet Ms. Irina!

1.    When did you become a musician and why do you love it?

I grew up in Ukraine, in a family of the pianists, and music was a natural part of me from infancy. There was no question in my family if I should study piano, which I started at very young age, but formally went to Music school at the age of 7. I guess, I became a musician when I played and affected the audience at my first concert. After completing my studies at Music school, I have decided that I would like to continue in my parents footsteps, and went into Music College and then Conservatoire to study piano performance and teaching.

Music is not just my love, it’s my life, an integral part of me. I cannot imagine myself as anyone else, and feel blessed to have a profession that I love with all my soul.

  1. What kinds of performing and teaching do you do currently?


I enjoy sharing my love of music and piano with amazing spirited children, teaching them piano. I am also a Music Director at a Church, where I play organ and direct a choir. At times, I also accompany various school choirs, work with instrumentalists, vocalists and dance companies.
  1. Who is one of your biggest musical influences?
Without a question, my father, who is an amazing musician and teacher. The distinct style of piano playing that I have been fortunate to learn from him can be traced to the very best European pianists.
  1. Why do you love working with SCG?
Last year I substituted at SCG for a few weeks as an accompanist, and I felt charged with happy energy during the rehearsals and for days afterwords. I loved the songs, the professionalism of the directors, the enthusiasm of the girls. I highly admire the mission of SCG, to fill the girls lives with positivity, purpose, respect, unity; and to do it all through music – nothing can be better!
  1. What’s something interesting we should know about you?
I love animals, especially cats! I have 3 beauties at home and also feed and take care of whole bunch of feral cats in the neighborhood. I am an avid reader, and lead a book club. I love to cook, to play “Two Dots” and to go on nature hikes. 



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