Artistic Director featured in national publication, The Voice

CA_Logo_BlueGreen_Small_WEB_RGB_Horiz_72_400x400Check out The Voice, the magazine publication from Chorus America for the article titled, Chorus Education Programs Today: Partnering, Collaborating and Deepening Community Connections by Don Lee. In the article, SCG Artistic Director Alysia Lee outlines some best practices for arts organizations looking to build community linkages.
Reexamine Your Thinking About Repertoire and Standards
 “What are the kids going to sing?” Introducing the Chorus America Conference panel on in-school partnerships, Lee said that’s often the first thing she’s asked. She thinks repertoire can become a hot-button issue for music educators, because “classical musicians get very fearful of losing art forms.” Instead, she says, “We have to allow for evolution to take place. We should all be thinking of ourselves as lovers of music. And so the dream here is that music education continues, that music survives, not necessarily my style that I prefer.” Lee believes the real question to ask about repertoire is, “What guides how we want to portray ourselves?” Her main goal is to create connection with the community. To read more visit



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