SCG Spotlight: Meet Ruth!


Meet our Choir Assistants!

Choir Assistants are members of Sister Cities for at least 2 years and in High School. These girls are showing up as leaders both in choir and in their communities and making a difference!

Meet RUTH!

Ruth is a 17 year old in 11th grade and has been a member of SCG for 6 years. She also sings in her church choir.

What’s your favorite SCG Song?

My favorite song is ‘Wade in the Water’ because it’s a crowd pleaser!.

How about a favorite memory from SCG?

The 2017 Summer Camp! We had so much fun singing with each other and the orchestra.

What are you future plans?

My plan for the future is to become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon.

How has being a SCG girl impacted you?

Being a Sister Cities Girl has changed me in so many ways . When I first started I was completely shy! And I was afraid to speak to others, but being in this choir with amazing people to look out for you and have your back helped me with my shyness and now I am completely developed and I’m not afraid to speak nor sing. Being in choir helped me realize that my voice actually matters in this world and that I shouldn’t be afraid to speak up . Being in this choir is the BEST thing I’ve ever done and I wouldn’t change a thing.


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