Artist Residency at SCG!


On November 17th, jazz singer and Philly icon, Joanna Pascale, led an Artist Residency for the Saturday Girlchoir Academy Travel Choir. The girls had the great pleasure of hearing first-hand how Joanna trained as a professional singer and her early days in choir. Also she shared about her creative process and the inspiration for “Tree of Life,” the song Joanna wrote and selected Sister Cities Girlchoir to perform with her for the “Live Connections” Concert at World Cafe on December 9th.

When asked to share their reflections at the end of the afternoon Christal, Siabrea and Mahijj all expressed gratitude and a feeling of being honored to share time and the stage, with an artist at Joanna’s level. They felt touched that she came to be with us in preparation for the concert and that we would have the opportunity to sing jazz, a genre we don’t often perform.  It was a great afternoon of music and love!


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